Coaching works! A coach can help you in so many ways. They'll guide you to have the insights that will make a difference for you.


The only things that ever makes a difference for a person is an insight that they have for themselves.


You have an innate capacity for insight, realization, mental health, resilience, creativity, and so much more.


One of my unique abilities is getting stuff done. I love creating things and I love helping others create what they want to bring into this world.  As a coach I love working with clients and helping them achieve their dream come true result.

Along the journey of my coach training, I met lots of amazing coaches and I noticed that some of them were finding themselves stuck at different points along the creative path.  Some don't know what they want to create exactly, some know but aren't sure where to start, some have started but find it difficult to get things done and some have fear about what the world will think.

That's where I come in. I help these folks get past what ever is blocking them and bring their dream to life.  Coaching Please.com is part of that mission. It's my platform for supporting others to bring their gifts to the world.  I'm so pleased you found your way here. Welcome!


 After a 20+ year career as a leader in the grocery retail business and retail analytics business, it was time for a change.  My entrepreneurial itch needed to be scratched, so I started Team Unleash Your Potential in November of 2020. 

At Team UYP we build and sell online courses, build and support custom apps for small businesses, and I coach people to unleash their potential.  

I'm a certified CLARITY coach and I spent two years and counting training with Jamie Smart, renowned best selling author, trainer, coach and creator of CLARITY. 

Many years ago I came up with this profiles statement for my resume: Proven leader, seeking to unleash potential. 

Well, that's who I am and what I do.  I unleash potential; yours and mine. 

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Coaching Please

The idea for coachingplease.com came to me while on a course with Jamie Smart. Part of the course offering was laser coaching with Jamie.  To get in the queue for coaching, he instructs the students to enter the phrase "coaching please" into the comments of the post.  "Coaching Please", that's brilliant I thought. So simple, and so bang on.

More recently, my vision for coachingplease.com is to be a place where I can support other coaches bringing their gifts to the world.  I can remove the barrier of not have a webpage, not have a course platform, not having tech skills or the time and patience to learn them.  I can have their back in all these areas, and they can get on with coaching people. It only takes two words: Coaching Please!

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